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Blackbox is a theatrical performative Black/s space and a Black*BIPOC/s artists & activists collective for social-political progress.


Blackbox is a space in the middle of the city which makes hidden white/Black* histories possible and visible. It will hold and provide historical materials of slaveries, colonialism, migration, racism. The Blackbox is a platform stands with «Black Lives Matter» and its current political context and exchanges, enabling a space to discuss different interrelated narratives of blackness and injustice.

Blackbox is a flexible architectural open space that invites people to come and restructure their knowledge on history. Blackbox is temporary and permanent. It might even change its form and function towards a process to deconstruct colonial white supremacy, to prevent culturalized racism & violence against Black*BIPOC/s and to demand social equality and justice. Blackbox will be used – as a shelter, seating, meeting point, café, information stand, archive and a place for events like performances, installations & exhibitions, talks & discussions, concerts, film screenings, readings & reflections, colonial Walks, etc. It will move between different cities, towns and villages.

Blackbox is a space of Black*BIPOC/s artists, cultural workers, writers, academics, political activists, workers, queers*, feminists, womxn, trans and/or non-binary, and ... – people who stand, resist and suffer. Blackbox will explore and express their thoughts and experiences on urgent issues and concerns, acting as a catalyst for change.

Its walls – in and out – continuously trace decolonial artistical explorations.


Blackbox claims and demonstrates that at any given place and moment Black* aesthetics are history and political knowledge. The aesthetical expressions of the Blackbox aesthetic aspects of it stand and shift in its meaning over artistical movements, can be inverted or deployed as an entirely transformed effect on historical knowledges. You cannot understand racism without understanding the history of global colonial white supremacy. Blackbox urges that we need to take much more effort on the histories of Black* political thought and being. It brings together Black* political science and Black* political philosophy, philosophy of Black* art and Black* art history – clarifying in a new way the basic subject of being.

Blackbox is temporary and permanent...

Blackbox Zürich > September 11 – November 23, 2020 + May 14 – August 9, 2021 + ...

Blackbox Winterthur > May 28 – June 5, 2021 + ...

Blackbox Neuchâtel > June 28 – July 7, 2021

Blackbox Bern > August 12 – September 5, 2021

Blackbox St. Gallen > September 9 – September 25, 2021


Blackbox Zürich

Blackbox Zürich is open during regular hours, Thursday – Saturday 11am - 18pm, with library and archive including two exhibitions.

We are looking forward to sharing the space with you and hope to see you soon!


8001 Zürich


Blackbox Neuchâtel

26 Juin à 7 Juillet de 2021 // Jeunes Rives

La Blackbox sera ouverte les dates suivantes entre 15h et 18h:
Mercredi 30 Juin, Samedi 3 Juillet, Dimanche 4 juillet, Mercredi 7 juillet

À l’accueil Maaz Idris Abdelrahman


Blackbox Winterthur

28. Mai – 5. Juni 2021 // Vorderer Grabenplatz

Vom 28.5.21 bis zum 5.6.21 steht die Blackbox beim Vorderen Grabenplatz in Winterthur. Sie ist jeweils Donnerstag bis Samstag von 11 Uhr bis 21 Uhr geöffnet. Tagsüber lädt sie zur Suche im Archiv ein, das Bücher, E-Books und andere Dokumente beinhaltet. Gegen Abend finden verschiedene künstlerische Programmpunkte statt.

Künstler*innen: Aline & Naïma, Alejandra Gaviria aka. Djane Xmona, P. Vijayashanthan, Damien Hauser, Harun Çavreş, Yannick Segert


Saturday, 31.7.2021
13:00 – 18:00

DJ Sets

OKRA Collective

DJ sets by OKRA Collective. A meeting place, exchage and networking with and for the community, including solibar. 

OKRA is a collective of Black multidisciplinary creatives, based in Basel and Amsterdam. We seek to address the issues of systemic discrimination faced by BIPoC, through creating communal practices and centering those among us who are being marginalized in multiple ways. Our aim is to create party spaces that are sensitive to different layers of discrimination, in collaboration with other BIPoC individuals and collectives working in the cultural and artistic sector.


Saturday, 24.7.2021
16:00 – 20:00


Cali P, Stela and Mykel Costa

One big senmbelek is the big mix that our workshop is offering. (Songwriting, Beat-making and concert)

At the Blackbox in Zürich we will be happy to present our work life. We will explain what it is to be a musician in Switzerland and give some insights on how we are working as musicians over the years.

Furthermore we would like to demonstrate the simplicity and difficulty of being creative and create something together on the spot with our  crowd.

Cali P will be explaining the musical journey from his point of view. How did he manage to become a Artist that is being listened to worldwide. How did he become a international touring artist?

Besides explaining the journey Cali P wants to engage with the crowd at the Blackbox and write a song on spot.

Mykel Costa is one of Switzerland best producers at the moment. His journey is very interesting. How did he even become a producer? What makes the difference of being a hobby musician and having music as a full time job.

What is the music market he produces for and what significance does the local scene of Switzerland have in his everyday work.

Mykel Costa will build a beat together with the crowd on big screen in shortest time and vibe up with our crowd at the Blackbox.

Stela is a real Newcomer Artist. She has released her first song ever in May 2021 and just started her music career here in Switzerland.

What are her goals? What does she aspire for? What is her challenge?

She will be presenting some of her works and explain what it is like starting up as Black Woman in Switzerland.

Friday, 23.7.2021
18:00 – 22:00

Solidarity Event for LGBTQIA in Morocco

Zola, Badr and DJ Atlas Labiwa

Talk with Zola and Badr about their work with LGBTQIA communities in Morocco, Soli Bar and Music. 

We are two friends who found each other through activism. Badr moved to Switzerland from Morocco, and Zola moved from Egypt in 2012. Part of our activism is to educate people (as much as our knowledge allows us) on queer issues in the Middle East and North Africa.

Friday, 16.7.2021
18:00 – 20:00


Titilayo Adebayo

Magical black box in Zurich.

I feel compared to spent some time with you. The time has come to explore the outdoor space.The time has come to blur even more lines. Imagining a moment in time. Where a simple dream slips into realty. "it's okay to be okay, it's okay to not be okay

Let the music guide. Be the rabbit in the hole. Be the fairy in the night sky. 

SOLO X 2 comes in the form of a what the artist could only explain as a radio performance. The performer uses the space to encounter reality in an abstract way. Through sound, film, moving images and performance.

Friday, 2.7.2021
19:00 – 21:00

Catutos & Gorditas 

Paloma Ayala and Carolina Opazo

As a metaphor for exchange they conceive food, specifically the production of two breads, corn gorditas and wheat catutos, as a carry-bag of the memory of their community. Los Catutos y las Gorditas are the vehicles that carry the concern felt by Paloma and Carolina for their contexts of origin, currently forced to change due to violent processes of geopolitical and postcolonial displacement, changes that affect the local ways of reproducing culture, maintaining, sustaining and inhabiting their environment.

Paloma Ayala (MX/CH) and Carolina Opazo (CL/CH), both mestiza and migrant artists, narrate and intertwine stories from their territories of origin in the northeast border of Mexico and the rural south of Chile, projected in their present reality in Switzerland.



Saturday, 19.6.2021
18:00 – 22:00

Shared Space 

Shared Space - Music, Solibar 

Saturday, 12.6.2021
15:00 – 18:00

Black Hair Care Workshop 

Selina Adjei

Black hair, natürliches Haar, ist mit so vielen Emotionen verbunden. Es ist so besonders, dass es im Laufe der Geschichte missverstanden, gefürchtet, unterdrückt und sogar verboten wurde. Es liegt also in unserer Verantwortung, es zu schützen, indem wir darüber lernen, es gut pflegen und mit Liebe und Stolz tragen.
Beim Curly Hair Workshop feiern wir unsere Haare und unsere Locken und erforschen verschiedene Wege sie zu nähren und stylen. 


Limitierte Anzahl Plätze, Teilnahme mit Registration.

Saturday, 12.6.2021
19:00 – 22:00

Top Rankin' Sound 

DJ Platinum, DJ Dadamas, DJ Nego - Top Rankin' Sound

Open dance and Solibar 

Saturday, 5.6.2021
16:00 – 20:00

Sip n’ paint

Marvin Kangsen

Painting workshop, Solibar and Music.

Please register to attend as we have limited capacity (15 places).

Blackbox Zürich 2020

Zürich content collective:
Nada Atieg, Meret Mache, P. Vijayashanthan

Zürich coordination:
Nada Atieg

Tour coordination:
Meret Mache

Winterthur coordination:
Gabriella Smart

Neuchâtel coordination:
Laura Flórez

Bern coordination:
Mira Koch and Izabel Barros

In collaboration with:
Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zürich
Berner Rassismus Stammtisch

Supported by:
Gwärtler Stiftung, Migros m2act, «Neues Wir» – Eidgenössische Migrationskommission,

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